The extra extra moisturizing 7 in 1 care paint – a real all rounder for the nails complete care 7 in 1 nail treatment can be use as the lower/upper as well as be used as a top coat and functions as a growth (promoter, nail hardener, groove inflator, brightener and moisture Supplier. The all in one treatment helps in only 3 days dry, weak nails appear more healthy and beautiful.

Exclusive formula with avocado oil for the complete care extra moisturising 7 in 1 care paint includes an exclusive and patented formula with avocado oil, sea salt, Pomegranate extract and calcium to provide the perfect base for any manicure: Stronger and healthier looking nails within 3 days and a glossy, long-lasting manicure while they can be used as a top coat.

Can be used as a base coat nail hardener, propagation and top coat Complete Care Extra Moisturising 7 in 1 nail treatment can be used, not only used as a nail hardener and growth but can also be used as a base/top coat. At the same time it also works as a grooves fountain pen brightener and provides moisture. As a result, you have seven different products in an innovative all-rounder.

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