Mitchum Aerosol Endurance Sport is a highly powerful anti-perspirant preparation designed to give extra protection and dryness. It is specially designed to work for people who suffer over-average perspiration- recurring body odour- or need a product that gives effective action over and above the average men’s deodorant.

Mitchum Aerosol Endurance Sport provides effective 48 hour protection and is ideal for use before and after sports and exercise. The fragrance is fresh and masculine- and combats the problem of body odour.

In addition to these features:

  • Mitchum Aerosol Endurance Sport is formulated to prevent the appearance of unsightly stains on clothes- which can often result from the use of other powerful body spray products. And while it is tough on perspiration.
  • Mitchum Aerosol Endurance Sport works perfectly in balance with your body’s chemistry- causing no damage or irritation to sensitive underarm skin. Active ingredients aloe vera and vitamin E help look after underarms- keeping them soft and supple.

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