Fixodent Original Denture Adhesive Cream Mint is a denture adhesive intended to stick the denture to the gum so that denture dislodgements are minimised. Fixodent guarantees strong long holding power so you can laugh talk eat and drink with comfort and confidence. It helps hold your dentures strong all day helps stop food particles from getting under your dentures and provides comfort by cushioning the dentures. Fixodent Original adhesive cream for dentures has a fresh mint flavour. A denture adhesive will help to Reduce denture movement and prevent sore gums. Increase the hold of your dentures and allow you to bite harder. Cushion your gums and make your dentures feel more comfortable. Provide a seal along the edges of the denture which will help prevent food from getting trapped under the dentures versus no adhesive. Knowing your denture is more secure can help you feel more confident and carry out everyday activities such as speaking laughing and eating without fear or embarrassment.

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