Yankee Candle Large Jar Black Cherry


Yankee Candle Large Jar Black Cherry

Like a warm summer day in the garden! The “Black Cherry” scented candle in the large jar by Yankee Candle pampers the senses with the delicious sweet scent of ripe black cherries.

Fragrance pyramid of Black Cherry

  • Top note: Cherry, Almond
  • Heart note: Cherry, Cinnamon
  • Base note: Sweet Cherry

The high-quality wax allows the candle to burn cleanly and evenly, while the high-quality ingredients with natural essential oils provide a distinctive and lifelike scent. The unbleached wick is made of 100% natural fibres and is hand straightened to ensure that it is centred for optimal burning. The high quality and strong glass in the classic Yankee Candle design is reusable.

Burning time: 110-150 hours
Colour: Cherry Red
Dimensions: 10,7 cm x 16,8 cm

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