WoodWick White Honey Large Hourglass Jar Candle is a distinctive hourglass-shaped candle, featuring a Pluswick wooden wick, which crackles as it burns with a wide-based, flickering flame, recalling cosy images of a roaring fireplace. The wooden lid serves as a handy heatproof mat to safeguard interior surfaces.

Releasing complex, authentic fragrances, the long-lasting scent mingles sweet-candied Orange Blossom with cascading Vanilla Orchid and Roasted Toffee.

The initial scent, blending Pistachio and Bergamot with Candied Orange Blossom, gives way to the main body fragrance of Coffee Bean, Vanilla Orchid and Cacao. This culminates in a lingering impression of Honey Syrup, Roasted Toffee and Sandalwood.

Comprising premium-grade Paraffin and Soy waxes and the finest quality ingredients from around the world, this candle guarantees a clean, consistent burn.

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