VICHY LIFTACTIV COLLAGEN SPF25 50ML helps your skin fight the process of ageing effectively by using the most potent active ingredients of natural origin. Vichy Liftactiv Collagen SPF25 50ml day cream against skin ageing was inspired by non-invasive aesthetic dermatology to correct a lack of collagen in the skin and prevent its future loss, because this very phenomenon is the reason why skin tends to sag, lose its firmness, and develop wrinkles.

The cream uses a special anti-ageing biopeptide extracted from green pea, along with vitamin Cg. This vitamin also has an antioxidant effect and gives your skin a youthful glow. Both ingredients combined with a wide-spectrum SPF 25 protection ensure perfect protection from the harmful effects of UV light and premature ageing.


  • reduces wrinkles and fine lines
  • lightens dark age spots
  • instantly softens the skin
  • promotes skin elasticity
  • restores facial contours
  • has a pleasant fresh texture

Results of testing:
→ used by 57 women over the course of 8 weeks

  • 44% fewer wrinkles
  • 33% reduction of hyperpigmentation


  • biopeptides from green pea – prevent loss of collagen and stimulate its production
  • vitamin Cg – promotes cell regeneration, lightens the skin
  • glycolic acid – gently removes dead skin cells,
    brightens up complexion and eliminates dark spots
  • SPF 25 – offers protection against UVA/UVB light
  • hypoallergenic

How to apply:
Apply a hazelnut-sized amount of the cream to clean skin in a thin layer while using gentle strokes in the upward direction and from the centre of your face outwards. On your neck and décolleté, apply the product and smooth out your skin from your jawline towards your chest.

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