SoSu Dripping Gold Liquid Luxe Liquid Tan Ultra Dark


SoSu Dripping Gold Liquid Luxe Liquid Tan Ultra Dark

SoSu Dripping Gold Liquid Luxe Liquid Tan Ultra Dark is a game-changer for the most passionate of tan-lovers. This is a luxuriously silky liquid formula that glides onto the skin like a dream, to deliver next-level bronzed results! Application is effortless thanks to the gorgeous bronze colour guide, and the liquid melts into the skin like satin. Its tropical scent and quick-drying elements mean that it is ready to wear in an instant, while also developing a long-lasting airbrush-effect tanned glow within 4-6 hours that looks oh so natural and deliciously deep!

Packed with heaps of healthy hydrating ingredients including Hylauronic Acid, Goji Berry, Chamomile Extract and Vitamins A&E, Liquid Luxe ensures that as well as developing a super bronzed flawless tan, your skin is hydrated and treated with the utmost luxury

Directions for use

  • Exfoliate but do not moisturise or use moisturising shower cream prior to tanning.
  • Start with clean, dry skin that is free from deodorant, perfume or makeup.
  • Spray Dripping Gold Liquid Tan directly to our Dripping Gold Velvet Tanning Mitt, and apply to the body in circular motions ensuring a streak-free and even application.
  • Use sparingly on hands, elbows, knees, and feet.
  • Allow a minimum 4 hours before showering off with water. Allow overnight development for the darkest result.
  • Moisturise the skin daily to prolong your tan.

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