Riemann P20Sun Protection Sensitive Cream Body Spf30


Riemann P20 SPF30 (100ml) Sensitive sun cream is dermatologically tested for sensitive skin and gives you the maximum protection. Infused with a selection of ingredients that target the tolerability of sensitive skin while protecting from very high UVA/UVB rays with 5 stars. Perfect for going abroad on that fabulous holiday, providing protection wherever you go.

Vegan friendly, EcoSun Pass approved, and Allergy Certified, this fast drying cream provides up to 10-hour protection, an EU very water resistant rating and at least twice Europe’s required UVA protection.

How to use:

Always remember to apply enough sunscreen to achieve the protection stated on the product. An adult should use approx 30-40 ml or a good handful for a full body coverage and about 20 ml for a child. It fits fairly well with a 100 ml sunscreen equivalent to 2-3 applications per adult. If you apply less sunscreen, the sun protection factor and protection will decrease significantl

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