Multi-Gyn FloraPlus treats and prevents vaginal thrush (Candida) problems. It relieves itch, irritation, odour and discharge without the risk of your body building resistance to it.

The box contains five single-dose tubes for easy use.

Multi-Gyn FloraPlus keeps your vagina in balance by suppressing harmful microbes and by supporting the useful lactobacilli flora. It also optimises vaginal pH.

In this way FloraPlus is highly effective in treating and preventing recurring vaginal problems.

It alleviates discomforts such as discharge, itch, irritation, redness and sensitivity.

The prebiotic components in FloraPlus support the vaginal flora and pH. The bio-active 2QR-complex counters harmful micro-organisms without risk of resistance.

This unique combination makes Multi-Gyn FloraPlus the ideal product for a healthy vagina.

Multi-Gyn FloraPlus is a natural product, based on the 2QR-complex. Multi-Gyn has no fragrances, no ingredients from animal origin, no preservatives or hormones

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