Lynx Africa body wash keeps you fresh all day

A mens shower gel and bodywash with a mix of warm African spices and aromas

Lynx shower gel leaves your body feeling clean and rejuvenated

Squeeze out the Mens Shower gel Lather on body rinse off be clean

A refreshing showergel that’s dermatologically tested

A Supercharge your style and kick start your day

A great day starts with a great shower and there’s no greater shower than a Lynx shower. You might not conquer the world after it but you’ll feel like you can. We’ve also got a full range of grooming products that can help you be the man you want to be today. Lynx Africa mens shower gel is an iconic mix of warm African spices and aromas. Lynx Africa a mens bodywash and mens shower gel will refresh your senses and heighten your instincts, whatever your day has in store. Fill your palm with Lynx mens shower gel and work into a foamy lather. Rinse thoroughly and finish with your favourite Lynx fragrance

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