Gillette Skingaurd Giftset


Gillette Skingaurd Giftset is the perfect gift for his sensitive skin. The Gillette Skingaurd Razor, prep, wash and moisture giftset has a razor specifically designed for men with sensitive skin.

The unique SkinGuard positioned between the blades absorbs pressure, flattens the skin, and raises the blades to cut hair at skin level helping to prevent irritation for relief you can feel.

  • The 2 optimally spaced blades minimize tug and pull.
  • The SkinGuard Sensitive razor is clinically proven for sensitive skin while giving you the reliable shave you expect from a Gillette razor.
  • The Gillette SKIN Face wash removes these impurities and clears the razor’s path while leaving the skin feeling clean and fresh.
  • The Gillette SKIN moisturiser helps to strengthen the skin’s natural moisture barrier while leaving skin feeling smooth and comfortable.

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