Clarins Comfort Scrub 50ml


Clarins Comfort Scrub 50ml will allow you to treat your skin to a nourishing scrub and give it a luminous boost , a gentle face exfoliator for all skin types especially dry, sensitive or mature complexions.

This mango scented face scrub has a luxurious gel-in-oil texture that transforms into a milk upon contact with water. It’s this texture transformation that makes it perfect for delicate skin. The silky formula reduces the friction of the exfoliating beads so that it feels comfortable and never aggravates; Clarins push this further with the addition of sugar microcrystals from beetroot, which help to gently remove dead skin cells without damaging or irritating the complexion. No matter your skin type, the result is skin that feels smooth and nourished.

Dry skin often lacks in oils or lipids, but this gentle skin exfoliator from Clarins combats this problem by including wild mango butter in its formulation. Rich in essential fatty acids and selected for its deeply nourishing properties it will help to protect the skin from drying out and will encourage suppleness in the complexion.

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