Bellamianta Luxury Baby Kabuki Brush is a smaller travel sized version of the Luxury Kabuki Bronzing Brush, perfect for use on your face, for tanning or applying powder. This brush gives and easy and gentle application for an even finish on the skin.

Why you need it:

Bellamianta Luxury Baby Kabuki Brush is a densely bristled domed tanning brush with a metal handle and soft, synthetic bristles that are gentle against skin to give an even application. Paired with Bellamianta Bronzing Powder or Tanning Water, this brush makes it easy to buff product onto the skin for a buildable finish.

How to use:

Buff tanning water, bronzer or powder onto the skin, the dense bristles allow for a buildable finish.

Free From:

Synthetic Fibres, Fragrance Free, Vegan, Cruelty Free


Travel Sized

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