Around the age of 6, the first teeth start to gradually be replaced by adult teeth. During that time, children have a mix of little and big teeth so their smiles need special care. It is also about the age they start to take more and more charge of cleaning their own teeth. Aquafresh Big Teeth toothbrush was specially designed for this age range with the features that help take great care of their pearly whites as they become more independent while brushing. A mixed bristle length helps clean mixed teeth surfaces and in between the teeth, while the padded brush head helps to protect sensitive gums, as your kid starts to brush on their own. The flexible neck bends softly to help absorb excess pressure from brushing, making the brush easy on the gums. The Big Teeth toothbrush comes in a range of colours to help engage kids and encourage them to continue developing good oral care habits. A smaller handle than an adult toothbrush makes it easy to adapt to the hands of your child. At this age, taking care of your kid’s teeth is a bit more tricky. The enamel on first permanent teeth is thinner than for adult teeth, while the enamel of new big teeth needs up to 3 years to reach full strength. That is why Big Teeth is specially designed by dental experts to help strengthen the new big teeth, all the while protecting the remaining little ones. Use Aquafresh Big Teeth toothbrush together with Aquafresh Big Teeth toothpaste with Sugar Acid Protection*, provided by fluoride, which helps strengthen enamel and protect both their little teeth and their new big teeth from decay. To complete your child’s oral hygiene routine, try our mint or fruity flavour mouthwash to help fight cavities in new big teeth. You can also make brush time more engaging with our free Aquafresh Brush Time app. It will get your child to brush their teeth for the recommended 2 minutes. Positive oral care habits they learn at a young age will last them a lifetime.   *Follow a healthy diet and brush twice daily.

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