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Staff Testimonials



Audrey McAuley -  Retail   operations  Manager

"Hi, my name is Audrey and I am with the Adrian Dunne Pharmacy group eleven years. I started in 2007 as a Cosmetics manager in our Ashbourne branch and then after two years I was promoted to general manager in Baldoyle. I thoroughly enjoyed my job and wanted to work hard in a company that I noticed was growing quite quickly. I worked in Baldoyle for almost 8 years and then the opportunity of retail operations manager in the group office surfaced. I felt empowered by my colleagues to put myself forward for this position as my retail management experience within the pharmacy group was remarkable. I am now the retail operations manager and I love my position as it is flexible, challenging but incredibly rewarding. I look forward to growing and developing my skills and experience with a company that closely nourishes and values their employee’s diligence."

Darragh Kelly –  Supervising Pharmacist

"Hi, my name is Darragh and I started with the Adrian Dunne Pharmacy Group in 2012 as an Intern Pharmacist for my final year placement with Trinity College Dublin. I graduated as a Pharmacist and the Adrian Dunne Pharmacy Group offered me the position of Support Pharmacist in Balbriggan. This role enabled me to work directly with the Supervising Pharmacist who helped me develop my skills in a practical way while working in a fast paced environment. I was then promoted to a full time Supervising Pharmacist role in Balbriggan. The Adrian Dunne Pharmacy Group supported my transition by providing me with an Introduction to Management course as I have never been in a management position before. I am looking forward to growing both professionally and personally with the Adrian Dunne Pharmacy Group as they have provided me with an outstanding amount of opportunities."

David Ledwith - Trainee Pharmacy Technician

"Hi, my name is David and I started with the Adrian Dunne Pharmacy Group in our Ballinteer branch in 2016 as a Healthcare Advisor. I was extremely motivated in my position and this was almost immediately spotted by management. Only a year into my position I was promoted to Retail Supervisor which gave the opportunity to learn and develop management and organisational skills.  The company have been so supportive and have given me the opportunity to further my education and train as a Pharmacy Technician. I am currently studying the IPU Pharmacy Technician course with the help of the Adrian Dunne Pharmacy Group. The company genuinely cares about their employees development. They have given me incredible opportunities and took their time to really invest in me as an employee. I am excited to see what the future with the Adrian Dunne Pharmacy Group  holds for me! "

  Jane Walshe-

  HR Manager

 "Hi, I’m Jane and I joined the Adrian Dunne Pharmacy Group in 2012 as a Senior Pharmacy Technician in our Balbriggan branch. I realised that I wanted to invest in my education, so I completed a Business Management course and my efforts to progress were soon recognised by the company as I was promoted to the group office Operations team. During my time in this role I received the opportunity to work alongside the HR Manager and it was then that I realised my true passion lay with Human Resource Management. I then decided to further my education with a Diploma in HR with the help and support of the Adrian Dunne Pharmacy Group. I am now, six years later the HR Manager for the group and my goal is to work diligently in developing employee engagement & culture within a group that is both supportive and employee focused."

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