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Know your skin type

With the cold weather lurking and the hope of brighter mornings fast approaching we here at Adrian Dunne Pharmacy wanted to inform our customers of how important it is to stay prompt with your skincare routine and most importantly get to know your skin type.

Cold weather tends to dry out our skin and leaves it lifeless during the winter months. We are going to talk about the two major problematic skin types and how you can truly look after your skin all year around.

I think everyone will agree that both extreme dry and oily skin are just as bad as each other. So in this blog we are going to teach you more about your skin type and give you the solution you need to get that perfectly even glow.

So first things first I think a lot of people have a fair idea of what their skin type actually is but maybe you don’t , and that’s okay because that’s why we are here!

1. Dry Skin

Okay so if you have dry skin you more than likely have almost invisible pores, your skin is so lacking in moisture that it is dull and actually quite rough looking. In extreme cases you may have red patches from a build-up of dry skin. These dry patches may crack and become itchy or inflamed. A massive indicator of dry skin is if you constantly use face scrubs and moisturiser but you just can’t keep up with the lack of moisture. Your makeup will also become caked on dry patches and smile lines which can be so frustrating.

To cut a long story short, we know how you feel and that’s why we want to help. So what factors contribute to extreme dry skin and finally how the hell can you keep up with it?

Dry skin can actually be heredity but if nobody else in your family suffers to the extent you do then it’s probably something a lot simpler than that. Indoor heating and air conditioner for example completely dries out your skin. Another surprising factor could be staying in a hot shower for too long. If you reckon nothing in your everyday environment is to blame you could also consider any medication that you are on as a lot of medications actually dry out your skin.

So what can you do to get rid of this dryness once and for all? In my opinion you should change your routine and not just look for once off solution. The biggest mistake that people with dry skin make is scrubbing the skin too hard. Although you are removing dead skin, this actually encourages a new layer of skin to develop and if the condition of that skin that is developing is dry then you are actually encouraging the growth of dry skin. So our advice in four words is SCRUB LESS MOISTURISE MORE.

 Another excellent tip would be to try to limit the amount of indoor/car heating you use. I know this is easier said than done especially when you’re living in Ireland and it’s absolutely Baltic outside but throwing on an extra hoodie when you’re cold instead of sticking the heating on will help you significantly.  

We also recommend investing on a great moisturiser and cleanser! Here at Adrian Dunne Pharmacy we recommend La Roche- Posay Nutritic Intense Rich Moisturiser for people with very dry skin as it provides a deep moisture to the skin almost instantly. When choosing a cleanser, you should always look for milk based formulae as it is gentle and nourishes the skin. We recommend La Roche-Posays Toleriane Dermo-Nettoyant.


2. Oily Skin

Do you feel like you are constantly doing facemasks, making an extra effort with your skincare routine and getting absolutely no results? Oily skin can be VERY frustrating and can actually have a massive impact on your overall self-esteem and how you feel about yourself. So we want to solve the secrets of Oily skin once and for all, get rid of all your blemishes and put that hop back into your step again.

But firstly we must understand what oily skin actually is and how it becomes a problem for many people. Your skin becomes oily when the sebaceous glands become overactive and start producing way more oil than you need; this extra oil then sits on your skin and reacts badly with dead skin cells which in turn can create blemishes.

I want to start by saying that although it’s annoying, oily skin isn’t always a terrible thing. Having oily skin when treated right can react great with many products and great a naturally beautiful dewy look that a lot of makeup artists are trying so hard to achieve with excessive amounts of highlighter. Oily skin also ages a lot better than dry skin, you will notice as you get older those people with very dry skin tend to age a lot quicker than you so embrace your oily skin!

Although oily skin has its benefits it can also cause blemishes and really effect ones confidence. Have you ever had a big job interview and that morning a massive spot just appears between your eyes? If so then you are definitely not alone. Oily skin can happen due to poor hygiene and skincare routine but actually in most cases people with oily skin are so conscious about their skin they actually do a lot more than most to improve their skin. So why aren’t you getting the results?

Nine times out of ten oily skin is actually a hormonal problem and if you suffering from cystic acne we highly recommend going to a doctor for a course of antibiotics as this sort of acne can be painful and cause scarring.  Oily skin can also occur due to your age, younger people and teenagers are more likely to have oily skin than someone in their fifties because as you grow older the production of sebaceous glands begin to slowdown.

We recommend that you use gentle soaps and ALWAYS moisturise but we also suggest that you invest in a great face scrub. For cleansing the skin we recommend La Roche-Posay Effaclar gel moussant purifant as it provides the skin with a gentle but deep cleanse. For moisturising and curing the skin we recommend La Roche-Posay innovation effaclar duo + which can be applied directly to imperfections and all over the skin for an even and glowing complexion .

Our staff are highly trained in skincare and will be able to recommend the BEST products to suit you. Drop in store TODAY to talk to our staff and get your skincare routine right once and for all! Look after your health and wellbeing with Adrian Dunne Pharmacy.

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