Help Treat Scalp Conditions with Rueber

Help treat scalp conditions with Rueber’s Tricosystem range

Many different conditions can affect our scalp. Scalp conditions can range in severity from allergic reactions and minor infections to more serious health conditions.

Some of the more common scalp conditions include psoriasis, dermatitis (or eczema) and hair loss.

Psoriasis is a chronic skin condition that occurs when the skin grows too rapidly. Scalp psoriasis can cause flushed, flaky, and itchy patches of skin to appear. The skin can be dry, and the surface can crack and bleed.

Seborrheic dermatitis is a type of eczema that resembles psoriasis, mainly affecting the scalp. It causes scaly patches, inflamed skin and stubborn dandruff. It usually affects oily areas of the body and a person may also experience itchiness or discomfort.

Using scientific technology, Rueber Laboratory have developed the Tricosystem range of specialist products to help treat the scalp and restore the hair shaft.  View theTricosystem treatment plans for a range of hair conditions here.

Treatment for Psoriasis, ezcemas or seborrheic dermatitis

To help treat scalp disorders such as psoriasis, eczema or seborrheic dermatitis, the following Tricosystem treatment plan is recommended:

1. Iboderm cream  – used before washing and also before any hair dye to protect the scalp. It is an anti-inflammatory without cortisone. Suitable for everyone and it can be used for extended periods of time.

2.Liposin shampoo.

3.Equitox has an antifungal action with climbazol to help calm down itchiness and redness. It hydrates the scalp, prevents the degeneration of non-binding skin cells or cells not being correctly eliminated.

Other scalp conditions

Recommended treatments for sensitive scalp or when using hair dye, pool water.

1. Iboderm cream.

2. Equiderm shampoo. 

3. Equitox (to be kept on the scalp after washing the hair)

Treatments for greasy scalp, redness and/or itchiness. 

1. Iboderm cream.

2. K-9 shampoo with antifungal action. 

3. K-20 lotion to be kept on the scalp after washing the hair. Antifungal action with climbazol. 

Hair loss (For men OR women, including Menopause hair loss)

A combination of supplements, cream, shampoo and lotions are recommended from the Tricosystem including:

  1. Minoelements
  2. Iboderm cream
  3. Shampoo with Equiderm or K-9 if Itchy and Dermopel if dry scalp with flakes.
  4. Equitox
  5. Vasodil Minol

Minoelements are a daily supplement taken with breakfast that contain a mix of essential amino acids and vitamins to help hair growth. Vicapteina is another alternative – it’ a patch that is applied to the back on the neck. 

Hair loss (children under 12 yo)

Iboderm cream, shampoo with Proteínas ph 5,5 or K-9 if itchy scalp and Equitox lotion.

Maintenance after hair transplant, alopecia, after chemotherapy

1. Iboderm cream.

2. Shampoo with Equiderm or K-9 if Itchy and Dermopel if dry scalp with flakes.

3. Equitox, Vasodil Minol or R- Activo lotion after washing the hair. These lotions are kept on the scalp.  Equitox helps to relieve the itchiness and fungus Vasodil Minol or R- Activo provide nutrients and activate the hair follicles.

Treatments during chemotherapy, pregnancy, breastfeeding

1. Iboderm cream

2. Equiderm or K-9 if Itchy or Dermopel if dry scalp with flakes

3. Equitox applied after washing the hair (keep on scalp)

If you would like further advice on treating your scalp condition with the Tricosystem we can put you in touch with Chemist Specialist for Rueber Tricology – Ana Romero.  A consultation can be arranged in your local Adrian Dunne Pharmacy or via a video call.  Requests can be made using our contact form here